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In light of recent media events negatively portraying transgender children, youth, their families and their medical providers, TransActive needs your support more than ever.

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TransActive Gender Center provides a holistic range of services and expertise to empower transgender and gender diverse children, youth and their families in living healthy lives, free of discrimination.

Staff & Volunteers

Jenn Burleton

Jenn Burleton

Executive Director
Pronouns: She/her

Ms. Burleton has 20+ years working with and mentoring transgender youth and adults.

An outspoken advocate on behalf of transgender and gender diverse children and youth, Jenn has played a primary role in raising local and national awareness of the challenges these children and their families face. She is a respected expert, visionary and leading thinker on gender identity and gender expression.

In addition to her work with TransActive, Jenn currently serves on the Board of Directors for Equi Institute and provides guidance to the Oregon DHS LGBTQ Child Welfare Workgroup and the Children's Mental Health System Advisory Council.

She has also served on the Oregon Safe Schools & Communities Coalition Board of Directors, the GLBTQ Online High School Advisory Board, the PFLAG Transgender Network and the Trans Youth Equality Foundation. She has also been a member of the Basic Rights Oregon Trans Justice Workgroup. The group will research, deliberate on and design a multi-level policy strategy that can guide Basic Rights Oregon's work for transgender justice.

Jenn has been recognized for her work by the following organizations:

  • 2014 – Multnomah County Office of Citizen Involvement 7th Annual recipient of the Sy Award - for a lifetime commitment to justice, equality & facilitating access to transparency at all levels of government
  • 2013 – Northwest Gender Alliance Ellen Summers Memorial Award – for outstanding commitment to the Transgender Community
  • 2012 – Oregon Safe Schools & Communities Educator Award
  • 2011 – Queer Heroes Northwest Award
  • 2010 – Basic Rights Oregon Equality Champion Award
  • 2008 –Ingersoll Center Founder's Award and the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force's “90 Women Leading The Way To Equality”
Kristin Jenkins

Kristin Jenkins

Administrative Manager
Pronouns: She/her

Kristin Jenkins has a long history of social justice activism, community involvement, and volunteerism. She studied Political Science at Iowa State University and brings a rural perspective to TransActive Gender Center. Moving to Portland from the Midwest in 2009, Kristin focused her social activism efforts on LGBTQ Rights and became involved with TransActive Gender Center through volunteering. In 2013 she became the Education Program Manager and in 2016 shifted her role to Administrative Manager. Kristin has a passion for creating change and building coalitions through education, outreach and advocacy. She is proud to help people have a deeper discussion and understanding about gender identity and gender expression.

Kristin is a recipient of 2015 – Oregon Safe Schools & Communities Adult Ally Award

Kit Crosland

Kit Crosland

Education Program Manager
In a Bind Project Coordinator
Pronouns: He/him

A long-time advocate, educator and creator of content on issues impacting the lives of gender diverse and transgender children and their families, Kit’s years of direct engagement as a facilitator and mentor have made him an invaluable part of the team at TransActive. He coordinates TransActive’s “In A Bind” project, which has distributed well over 2,000 ergonomically safe binders to trans youth since 2012, and also a recipient of the coveted Skidmore Prize for his contributions to the success of non-profit organizations like TransActive.