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In light of recent media events negatively portraying transgender children, youth, their families and their medical providers, TransActive needs your support more than ever.

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TransActive Gender Center provides a holistic range of services and expertise to empower transgender and gender diverse children, youth and their families in living healthy lives, free of discrimination.

About Face FAQs

Why makeup?

We appreciate that not all trans-feminine people want to wear makeup, but for those who do, it can provide an empowering medium for exploring affirmative gender expressions. Even though makeup is readily available in stores, socail stigma against people perceived as male or assigned male at birth purchasing these products can be very high. About Face aims to give youth a change to explore their own gender expression in ways they might not otherwise be able to do.

Why does About Face focus on youth?

Youth represent the most overlooked members of the trans community. They often don't have a voice or money of their own. If they don't have a supportive family and at least moderate financial means, it can be almost impossible for them to obtain a new binder on their own. About Face strives to create a feeling of "taking care of our own" within the trans adult community by giving them the opportunity to help these young people.

Who is eligible to receive a makeup from About Face?

Visit the Get Makeup page to learn who is eligible and how to apply.

What is included in About Face makeup kits?

Since we run entirely on donations, each makeup kit sent out will vary! We do our best to stick to basics that will work for any combination of skin/eye/hair colorings and personal style or to provide recipients the opportunity to select products that will work for them. Each kit will contain between 5-10 products with an average retail value of $50.

How do I donate makeup to About Face?

Visit the Give Makeup page to learn all about donating product to About Face.

Can I donate my half-used mascara to About Face?

Due to hygiene concerns, we are only able to accept new, unopened makeup donations. We are happy to accept individual products separated from a larger set or kit though, as long as they have their own unopened packaging.

How else can I support About Face?

Donate money or time to help us reach our goals! Visit the Give page to learn more about supporting About Face.

How can TransActive afford to provide this service?

About Face is funded entirely by donations. Each makeup kit costs around $3.50 to package and ship to its new owner. Without monetary donations in addition to donations of makeup products, this vital service wouldn't be possible!