Adult Counseling


It is not uncommon for parents, relatives and friends to struggle with understanding what a gender diverse or transgender child is experiencing. Often they would like counseling or guidance in how to best support and advocate for such a child.

In some cases, an adult family member may seek individual counseling to work on areas in their life that would help them in relationships with others, i.e., how to be a better parent, partner, or spouse. It is also not unusual for parents and caregivers to experience grief or sadness if they feel at risk of ‘losing their son’ or ‘losing their daughter’ as a result of the child’s gender identity and expression. We offer highly experienced counseling, support, education and resources during this time of change and transition.

Sometimes a family member may have other things they need to work on such as depression, anxiety, job stress, economic hardship, housing needs, legal or medical needs, or other mental health issues. We can help with that as well!