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How does the expansion impact TransActive’s Education program?

TransActive Gender Center will be expanding our school, community and professional training and education services to accommodate increasing demand and evolving needs. We will continue to be a national leader in these areas, providing leadership, guidance and support to children, youth and their families.

How will the expansion impact Advocacy services?

Advocacy services will continue and expand at TransActive Gender Center. We will be adding staff to our Advocacy program in order to meet increased demand in areas involving anti-trans discrimination, Title IX violations, insurance coverage denial and more. Please contact us at for more information.


FreeZone & Youth, Family Engagement

TransActive Gender Center will continue to offer quarterly FreeZone family events that are open to youth, families and allies. We will expand family involvement in coordinating and planning these events and actively pursue other opportunities for child, youth and family engagement.

What if clients want to see a new counselor/clinician?

Clients seeing new counselors/clinicians will need to complete a new intake and sign new paperwork with that clinician. They may request that TransActive transfer their files to the new clinician by signing a Release of Information form.

What happens with client health records?

All files will be held by TransActive Gender Center for 7 years after the last date of service, or for 7 years after a youth reaches the age of majority.

What if a client needs a copy of an existing referral letter or documentation?

Contact TransActive to request a copy of any referral letters. TransActive may only release such documents to the client, a legal guardian, or to an institution for which we have a Release of Information on file.

The world is changing fast when it comes to transgender visibility and TransActive Gender Center remains committed to providing flexible, dynamic, responsive, revolutionary and evolutionary services and solutions that meet the needs of kids, youth, families, communities and our world.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Bring on tomorrow!