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Get a Binder – Qualifications


Before filling out an application, please take a minute to review our requirements and restrictions. When you are ready, you may proceed to the application.


Due to postage costs, In a Bind only ships within the United States. Puerto Rico is included in US domestic mailing.


All of our binders are sent to youth ages 18 and younger. If you are 19 or older, please do not fill out an application.


We send binders to people who will use them to curb dysphoria and/or to assist with daily gender presentation. While we support and encourage gender play for fun and performance, we ask that drag kings and the like do not apply. Please help us save our limited supply of binders for trans-masculine and genderqueer youth suffering from dysphoria.


Get a Binder


We originally gave applicants the option of requesting one or two binders, with the idea that people will need something to wear while a binder is in the wash. However, due to demand far out pacing supply, we can now only send out one binder per person.


Our binders go to people based on demonstration of actual need. ‘Need’ may be financial (can’t afford a new binder) or circumstantial (living with unsupportive parents). Please understand that we are a non-profit trying to help as many youth as possible. Please be honest with yourself and In a Bind when demonstrating need.

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In a Bind FAQs


What is a binder and why would someone need one?

A chest binder is a compression garment used to flatten and conceal breasts. Many trans masculine and genderqueer people assigned female at birth naturally go through female puberty and develop breasts. This can cause extreme discomfort and body dysphoria and can also pose a safety issue when presenting as male.

Why does In a Bind focus on youth?

Youth represent the most overlooked members of the trans community. They often don’t have a voice or money of their own. If they don’t have a supportive family and at least moderate financial means, it can be almost impossible for them to obtain a new binder on their own. In a Bind strives to create a feeling of “taking care of our own” within the trans adult community by giving them the opportunity to help these young people.

Who is eligible to receive a binder from In a Bind?

Visit the Get a Binder page to learn who is eligible and how to apply.

I live outside the US! Where can I get a binder?

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, try The Pay-It-Forward Binder Program. If you live elsewhere, you can try MORF Binder Exchange Scheme, which ships worldwide if you can cover the cost of shipping.

Why is the application unavailable?

Due to the popularity of the program, we have decided to move to a quarterly application cycle. The application will be available the first week of March, June, September, and December. In the meantime, we are still accepting donations and sending out binders to those currently on the waiting list.


How long will it take to receive my binder?

Applications are reviewed once a week and binders are mailed out via the US Postal Service. However, we currently have quite an extensive waiting list. It may take at least six months before we can fill your request.

How do I know what size I binder to order?

Measure under your bust line and around the fullest part of your chest. The average of these two measurements is your size. Here is a printable ruler: Print me!

How will my binder come packaged?

Binders are sent out in plain poly envelopes. For safety and privacy reasons, the box will not include any indication of what is inside. The return address is listed as “TEA.”

I’m on the waitlist, but about to turn 19. Will I be removed from the waitlist on my birthday?

No. As long as you were 18 or under when you applied, you will remain on our waiting list until you receive a binder. We do not ask for birthday on our application – only your age at the time of applying.

I’m on the waitlist and my information (size, address, need) has changed. How do I update it?

Send us an email at with your updated information. We will make the changes to your application.

I recently moved. How can I make sure I get my binder?

In addition to emailing us your new address, make sure you update your address with the US Postal Service. This way you will still receive all your mail, including your binder. You can do this online or at any post office.

How do I donate my old binder?

Visit the Give a Binder page to learn all about donating binders.

Can I buy a new binder and send it to In a Bind?

Absolutely! Visit the Give a Binder page to learn more.

How else can I support In a Bind?

Donate money or time to help us reach our goals! Visit the Support In a Bind page to learn more.

How can TransActive afford to provide this service?

In a Bind is funded entirely by donations. Each binder costs around $3.50 to package and ship to its new owner. Without monetary donations in addition to donations of pre-owned binders, this vital service wouldn’t be possible!