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In light of recent media events negatively portraying transgender children, youth, their families and their medical providers, TransActive needs your support more than ever.

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TransActive Gender Center provides a holistic range of services and expertise to empower transgender and gender diverse children, youth and their families in living healthy lives, free of discrimination.

I am Awesome!

For girls like you, your brothers, sisters and all your friends!

When you wake up in the morning, you can say — "I’m going to have an AWESOME day!"

Maybe you walk to school,
Or maybe someone drives you,
Or maybe you take the bus!

You’ll meet other kids.
Some will be new kids and some might be friends you already know.

Some of them might know you by a different name.

Some might have thought you were a boy. That’s OK.

Now they get to know the real you...

and that is AWESOME!

Some kids might have questions: "Didn’t you used to be a boy" or "Why are you dressed like a girl now?"

You can say...

"I always felt like a girl inside but it took a while for people to understand."


"Now I get to be myself and wear stuff that I like to wear!"

What if some kids aren’t nice and say things like...

"You’re not really a girl!"
"I’m going to call you a boy name!"

You can say...

"You can think whatever you want. I’m a girl and my name is ____________________!"

"If you don't respect me, we can't be friends and you can't talk to me anymore."

Sometimes, you might feel angry when someone isn’t nice to you. You might want to yell or say something mean to them.

DON’T do it!

They just want to upset you and
YOU are TOO AWESOME to fall for that!

If someone won’t respect you say, "Ciao for now!" Give them a wave of the hand or a snap of the fingers and walk away.

What to do if you don’t feel safe:

If someone touches you and you don’t like it, put your arms in front of you and say,
"You have no right to touch me!"

And always remember: YOU ARE AWESOME just being you!

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