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TransActive Gender Center (TGC) offers a comprehensive range of counseling, case management and medical referral services to children, youth and their families.

Our experienced staff includes licensed professional and nationally certified counselors as well as post-graduate level interns under the supervision of Kate Kauffman, LPC.

TransActive takes a holistic approach to meeting the diverse needs of families, children and youth. This has led to collaborative relationships with local and national providers of social services and healthcare, including the following area hospitals and clinics:


  • OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital;
  • OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond;
  • Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel;
  • Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel;
  • Outside In Medical Clinic.

TransActive is Expanding Services

since 2008

When TransActive was founded in 2007, one of our primary goals was to increase visibility of transgender and gender diverse children, youth and their parents. At that time, recognition that children and youth might authentically experience non-traditional forms of gender identity and expression was still in its infancy. The primary guidance provided to parents, caregivers, social service agencies, mental health providers and physicians was “wait and see” and “postpone affirming forms of treatment until they are adults”.

Nine-years later TransActive Gender Center is a leading national provider of education and training to schools, healthcare providers and virtually every other professional or community resource that engages with families and children. TransActive’s training and collaboration with school districts has resulted in expanded implementation of trans-positive polices and equality for students from pre-K to high school and undergraduate university programs.

Through our Education Program, TransActive’s “In A Bind” project has distributed nearly 2,000 chest binders to trans guys since 2012, providing them with a safer way to create a malecontoured appearance.

In addition to education, TransActive created a model framework for a community-based counseling, assessment and medical referral program focused on the needs of gender diverse and transgender children, youth, their families and allies. Since 2010, this framework has:

  • Served more than 1,000 clients
  • Established successful and growing child, youth and family support groups
  • Trained nearly 40 mental health graduate-level interns
  • Established successful collaboration with leading Portland-area hospitals and clinics
  • Been a driving force in securing Oregon Health Plan coverage of pubertal suppression
    treatment; a first-in-the-nation achievement that has and will continue to benefit the
    lives of countless future transgender youth in Oregon

What Does The Expansion Look Like?


  • TransActive Gender Center will be seeking (and adding) additional volunteer staff
  • We’ve expanded our street-level/ADA accessible space for reception & consultation

These changes will enhance TransActive Gender Center’s programs through:

  • Maintaining responsiveness to the increased demand for Education programming
  • Delivery of training to more schools, organizations, businesses and community groups
  • Expanded Advocacy program staff to quickly and effectively respond to situations involving denial of rights, access to care, individual discrimination and anti-transgender policies and legislation at the local, state and national level
  • Enhanced procedures for screening outside service providers for transgender expertise Increased presence at national and international conferences on gender Opportunities for youth, parents & caregivers to get involved in education and advocacy Development of curriculum
  • Increased presence at national and international conferences on gender
  • Opportunities for youth, parents & caregivers to get involved in education and advocacy
  • Development of curriculum

TransActive Gender Center Counseling, Medical Referral & Support Group services in the following ways:

  • Counseling, medical referral and support group services will be offered through referrals to independent providers with experience in serving gender diverse and transgender children, youth and adults.

What Is The Expansion Timeline?

  • Through March and April 2016, TransActive will be painting, decorating and moving into our new street-level offices at our current location. There will be minimal interruption in delivery of TransActive services
  • TransActive will begin referring some specialized healthcare-related services to other area providers, though current clients will continue to receive counseling services at TransActive Gender Center thoughout March and April
  • Clients receiving Counseling, Medical Assessments & Referrals will have the opportunity to continue those services through other providers beginning Monday, May 2, 2016

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